Information Design and Illustration in the analog and digital context.

The task was to create a cross-media concept in the field of information design. The book concept describes content about the origin of vision and the major optical types of eyes which emerged for centuries. These types are explained in the form of animal examples. All of these chosen animals have different specific visual functions (for example cat’s night vision, chameleon’s independent eyes, housefly’s 360 degree field of view). The poster shows the story of the evolution of vision as well as some chosen examples of specific visual functions all together placed in a landscape.

Additionaly the complex information should be simplified by the use of interactive elements and animations and transfered into a designed tablet application. From the explanation of how vision works in general, to each optical types with the function of zoom in parts of the infographic, the user arrives at the interactive part. You are invited to take a picture with the iPad camera. This photo will be converted in order to show how various animals see the world in relation to the human. 

2014/15 – semester 3, in collaboration with Sara Fiesel, Lena Sommnitz and Daniel Doberstein.

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