The artistic, musical and culinary neighbourhood festival. There are all sorts of concerts, street art, pop-up galleries, exhibitions, theatre and short film screenings, food and beverages from all over the world and workshops organized. The designed pictogrograms consist each of one closed shape and further lines. Those lines are "dancing" and join together to the big picture. They visualize the name of the festival and its intention to dance open to new experiences and inspirations through the festival weekend. The different colours, a rectangular tetrad colour scheme, characterize the four categories at the festival.

Based on the pictograms, ­I designed an entire corporate design for the three-day festival including the program booklet, four event posters, each for every category and a concept for the guide system. The guide system will be used during the event. To show the festival’s crafted and sustainable attempt, the pictograms are applied with coloured tape on the street and the buildings to show which offer you find inside – whether concert, exhibition or something different.